Adventure #10: Hair Care

Hey Pals. . .I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I did the unthinkable this weekend and finally got my hair done here in Columbia. I truly never thought this day would come. Since my first week of college, I vowed that I would never go to a hair stylist out here. Now you’re probably wondering… what is the big deal?

Well here are a couple reasons why it is a serious matter:

  1. I am too loyal to my home hair stylist. I’ve been going to her since I was a little girl, and she always gets me right. Why switch up?

  2. The only hair stylist I knew of here either only knew how to do white girls hair (which is VERY different from my texture) or just weren’t that good.

So, for the past three years the only time that I would get my hair done was when I went home. I only wore my hair natural while at Mizzou.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I loooveeee my curly hair. To me, it truly embodies my personality. But every now and then I like to have the sleek straight hair to add a little sass.

I asked my best friend Robbie who should I trust to do my hair? She referred me to this wonderful girl named Bianca. Bianca used to be a student at Mizzou but decided to follow her passion and dream to be a well-known, respected hair stylist. She can do anything from a sew-in, to wash-n-style. She is quick and friendly and has a great reputation on campus for slaying hair at a reasonable price.


My first experience with Bianca was great. She was professional yet funny and got me out of there in less than 2 hours. Which is truly unheard of for hair stylist when dealing with all of my hair.


I loved the end results! I’m happy I differed from my norm and tried someone new. I definitely will be trying her again in the near future!

Well, that’s all for this weekend… I wonder what next week will have in store??

Until Next Time Pals….See ya soon!

Adventure #9: Watching two dogs in one weekend!

Hey Pals…hope you guys had a great week. As usual, this was a busy week for me. With the school year coming to an end, I’ve had endless tests, papers, and projects to work on. I’ve been spending extra hours on campus to stay focused and finish strong. While I love school, I cannot wait for the summer break to rejuvenate.

I also had an additional furry friend staying with me for a few days this. My friend had to go out of town this week and left her two-year-old dog, named Faith, with me to watch over.


Faith is a rescue dog from the Central Missouri Humane Society. My friend Sam got her when she was just a month old and she was the cutest little dog with big ole eyes. She’s an interesting looking dog now, she truly has a face only a mother could. We do not really know what kind she is but we love her anyway.


Despite her being a couple years old, she is just as spunky and energetic as Benjie. By the way, Faith and Benjie get a long great. They spent the entire weekend playing. They especially love chasing each other around the house. Faith loves to go on long walks when it’s nice out and Benjie follows right after her.  She also loves sitting passenger seat on long drives and staring out the window (luckily Benjie doesn’t mind sharing his spot).

It seems like neither of them ever get tired. The best part of the day is when they are finally worn out and ready for bed. They curl up right next to each other and sleep peacefully. Faith can be a handful; she truly has a personality all of her own. But I love my little niece anyways.

I wonder what next week will have in store??

Until Next Time Pals….  See ya soon!

Adventure #8: Spring Break – MIAMI

Howdy there guys… I hope all has been well on your end! I’ve been beyond eager to share some of my spring experiences with you. I recently traveled with four of my closest friends to Miami, Florida. That’s right… South Beach baby! After a long first half of the semester I couldn’t wait to soak up some sun.

My mother let my friends and I use her timeshare, so we stayed at a five-star resort off of south beach called Westgate South Beach Oceanfront Resort. It was filled with spectacular views and beautiful people consumed us each and every day. I loved it.

After getting settled in and dolled up we hit the streets to see what our first adventures would be. Day one we acted as tourists do, walking around with no real direction but enjoying the characters we encountered. The Florida natives embraced our different backgrounds and were intrigued when they found out we went to school in Missouri.


Being from Houston and living in Missouri is a challenge for me. Not only do I miss the warm weather, but the food… Oh my gosh, THE FOOD. Fresh seafood doesn’t exist in Columbia, Missouri unfortunately. You know the FIRST thing I had to grab was some of that magnificent beachfront sea. We Google searched, “seafood near me,” and Kickin Crawfish Seafood Tap house came up. We delved into our meals and for that hour I almost felt at home.

Each day the sun began setting and night tip toed through the seams… quicker each day than the last. Each night the atmosphere was different and the city lit up and our hearts stayed full. Each one of my friends and I had worked diligently to pay for this trip all on our own, so the ending product was more than rewarding. The transition into adulthood is hard but fulfilling trips like this made the hard work feel worth it.

Well that was my adventures for this weekend… still on spring break so see y’all later!

I wonder what next week will have in store??

Until Next Time Pals….  See ya soon!

Adventure #7: Probate, Junior Day & More

Hey Pals. . .  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Per usual, this weekend was jam packed with events for Mizzou students and visitors to enjoy. From a SGRHO probate, to a Junior football recruiting day, to even a fireside chat with writer and comedian Issa Rae, there was truly something for everyone to do this weekend in Columbia.

Friday night, the Sigma Gamma Rho (SGRHO) sorority welcomed nine new members. This sorority aims to enhance the quality of life within the community.

Some of the hallmarks of the organization’s programs and activities include: public service, leadership development and education of youth. They do this by addressing concerns that impact society educationally, civically and economically.

Early Saturday morning, the Mizzou Athletic Training Facility was filled with fresh faces including high school juniors and their families eager to learn more about the football program and what Mizzou has to offer. 

As an Athletic Ambassador, I was able to speak with different families and tell them about campus-life, academics, and answer any of the questions or concerns they might have had regarding college life.


I love my job because it has positively impacted my life. Each week, we get to meet so many wonderful prospective athletes and their families and have been able to help them with making the challenging decision on which college to choose. As an Ambassador, I promote our amazing traditions and academic programs. I like to say I am a game-changer for Mizzou.

Saturday evening, multi-faceted comedian, Issa Rae, sat down with Mizzou students to discuss her budding career, latest projects and her navigation as a multi-dimensional woman of color in Hollywood.

I enjoyed her chat because she was so real with us. She truly made me feel like I was at home, talking to one of my best friends about our future. I was already a fan of hers before this chat, but she was truly so down to Earth and a pleasure to hear speak. Hopefully, we can work on some special projects together in the future. Well that was my adventures for this weekend. Next week… Spring Break!!!

Until Next Time Pals….  See ya soon!

Adventure #6: The Baby Apes Are Here!

Hey Pals. . . I hope you all had a wonderful week. As usual, this weekend was jam packed with events for Mizzou students and Columbia residents to enjoy! One of these events being one of the most anticipated events of the year, a probate!


Now, some of you are probably wondering … what is a probate? Well, a probate is a new member presentation where the newest members of the Fraternity/ Sorority present history, reveal who they are and often step or stroll.


It is an exciting time for not only the greek community when new members join, but also the entire campus – especially their friends and family.

The very first probate for the Spring 2017 season just so happened to be for the very first fraternity established for African-American men, the Alpha’s.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated was founded on December 4, 1906 on the campus of Cornell University. This illustrious organization was founded upon three principles which are Manly Deeds, Scholarship, and Love for all Man Kind.

The Zeta Alpha Chapter here at the University of Missouri was founded on Tuesday, May 17, 1966 by seven men, whom they refer to as “our Pearls”. The Zeta Alpha Chapter is responsible for bringing the NAACP here on campus, and also started the Legion of Black Collegians Minority Student Government.


They host community service events three times a week, along with a bundle of events such as: 2Juiced, Ms. Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant, Powderpuff football game and many more for the entire campus to enjoy!

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated is a part of the the National Pan-Hellenic Council. NPHC is a coalition of the nine largest historically African American Greek-letter fraternities and sororities, currently representing over 1.5 million members internationally. The organization boasts a diverse membership comprised of students, celebrities, corporate, political and community leaders.


Sending a special congratulations to the nine new members of this illustrious fraternity! I cannot wait to see the great work you all plan to do for the campus and our community in the upcoming year!

Until Next Time Pals…See ya soon!


Adventure #5: Benjie gets his First Puppy Cut!

Hey Pals. . . I hope y’all had a productive week. There was a lot happening in Columbia this past weekend. From the downtown takeover of the True / False film festival to day parties and rapper G Herbo’s concert at Club Impulse, there was truly something for everyone to do this weekend at the Zou.


A few weeks ago, I told you guys about Benjie’s first trip to the vet! Well, it was check-up time! So, Friday, I had a little free time after my last newsroom shift at Newsy, so I decided to take baby boy to St. Louis to get his final check-up and hopefully his very first haircut.I was a little nervous because he only wore his protective cone for 3 days. Although I tried to keep it on… everyday he would stubbornly take it off. 

Also, I wouldn’t know if he could get cut until after his checkup. Meaning, I couldn’t set an appointment and they previously informed me that they seldom accepted walk-ins. 

After his check-up, his vet said his stitches were healing properly (Thank God) and she approved him to get his first puppy cut! 

Thankfully, this sweet lady working in the groomers said she would take my walk in appointment and do Benjie’s cut. 

An hour and a half later I walk in to find the cutest pup ever!!! Jessica, the groomer, raved about how sweet Benjie was and how good he was during the entire process.


I was very proud that my baby boy knew how to behave and he looks so precious! 

Until Next Time Pals…See ya soon!


Adventure #4: Washington D.C.

Hey Pals…hope you all enjoyed a wonderful week. S T R E S S F U L was the best way to describe my week. Every single day I either had an interview, a meeting, or a test/quiz to take. So, unfortunately I was unable to go on an adventure this weekend, but I do have a past fun adventure to tell you all about.

In January, my best friend Robbie and I decided that we wanted to take a trip somewhere before the semester started. Now, just a warning, y’all will hear me talk about Robbie A LOT. Besides being the funniest person I’ve ever met in my life, Robbie is one of those people that I thank God for every single day.

We call each other soul sisters because we are truly one soul. Although we are a lot alike, we are still very different at the same time. Since the day we met, which was the summer right before coming to college, we clicked. And we have been inseparable ever since– we live, party, travel, and pray together! Most of these adventures I take are with her!


So we thought about all of the different places we could go to that were in our area (St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, etc.) but none of those places sounded appealing. One of Robbie’s good friends, Arin, is from Houston and goes to Howard University in Washington D.C. Every time we are with Arin, it's a good time. So we decided to go to D.C. and see what the capital of the U.S. had to offer.

   One of our very first stops was of course to the illustrious campus of Howard University.

Howard University was established in 1867 and is a federally chartered, private, doctoral university, classified as a high research activity institution. With an enrollment of more than 10,000 students, its undergraduate, graduate, professional and joint degree programs span more than 120 areas of study within 13 schools and colleges.

After walking campus, we decided to walk around D.C. to get a feel of the city. I loved the atmosphere of being surrounded by so much history.


Of course, we had to enjoy some good eats while we were there.

All and all, we had an amazing time. Although there were some things that we didn’t get a chance to do (like visit the new African American Museum :(, I still had a blast! We have already started planning our next trip back so we can visit that and much more!   

Until the next adventure w/ Fally P
See you soon pals!

Adventure #3: Columbia’s Capen Park

Hey Pals… I hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoyed your Valentine’s Day. This past week was super busy for me. Between meetings, class work, newsroom shifts, and dealing with family/friends it can be a bit overwhelming. There is always something due or to do and sometimes it feels like it’s not enough hours in the day to get it all done.

But instead of stressing myself out, I used this weekend to relax and enjoy the nice weather. This was the first weekend the temperature was actually bearable to be outside for more than 10 minutes. So early Saturday morning, my friends and I figured why not enjoy God’s beautiful creation and go on a nature walk through Capen Park.

At 31.9 acres, Capen Park is one of the closest parks to the University of Missouri. It was originally owned by Lucy and James Cape and is located in the same state when it was first acquired by the city of Columbia in 1978. There is a creek called Hinkson Creek that flows through the rugged terrain and trails. I thought it was pretty cool that the bluffs on the rocks are used by recreational rock climbers.


According to the Missourian, “After the Capen Foundation made a one-time donation of $118,000 in 2005 for use at Capen Park, the city drafted plans that included a concrete overlook deck, a pavilion with picnic tables and a concrete trail that would comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.”


My friends and I walked to the very top of the mountain and meditated for about an hour.  The view was beautiful from the top. The entire experience was so peaceful and truly a great way to relax from stress.


Until the next adventure w/ Fally P, see you soon pals!