Adventure #2: Surgery in St. Louis

Hey Pals… I hope you all had a wonderful and productive week. This past weekend, I ventured off to St.Louis to take my puppy, Benjie, to have surgery. I’m going to tell you more details about that a little later, but first let me tell you about the little man himself.


Just a few months ago my mom surprised me with a Christmas present. He is only 4 months, but is already a feisty, loving and independent Shih Tzu.


It also doesn’t help that he is the cutest little fluff ball ever, so he is quite spoiled by myself and my friends. But, we have truly enjoyed having him around the house because he brings a breath of fresh air and excitement.

But, I did not realize how much you have to take care of dogs just like you take care of humans. I have lived with dogs my entire life, but it is much different having a family pet versus having a pet of your own.

If I had to compare it to anything.. it is truly like having a real baby. You have to feed them, bathe them, take them outside to use the bathroom, play with them and truly care for them as if they were your own child.

So, this weekend, I had to take my child to the pet hospital to have surgery to get his hernia removed from his belly. He also got neutered while there.

I know what you’re thinking…you’re taking his manhood away from him Falyn.

Although many people believe that this surgery is wrong and unlawful, there are a few benefits to it such as: decreased aggression, no testicular tumors, fewer hernias and more! Check this site to find out more information and benefits:

After a few hours, I came back to Petsmart and picked up baby Benjie. The doctor said he was doing okay and responded well to the surgery. She also explained to me step by step his medication for the next few days (which was surprisingly extensive).

Benjie and I are back in Columbia safe and sound and although he has a cone around his head, he is still the cutest puppy ever!

Till next week for more Adventure’s w/ Fally P… See ya soon pals!