Adventure #3: Columbia’s Capen Park

Hey Pals… I hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoyed your Valentine’s Day. This past week was super busy for me. Between meetings, class work, newsroom shifts, and dealing with family/friends it can be a bit overwhelming. There is always something due or to do and sometimes it feels like it’s not enough hours in the day to get it all done.

But instead of stressing myself out, I used this weekend to relax and enjoy the nice weather. This was the first weekend the temperature was actually bearable to be outside for more than 10 minutes. So early Saturday morning, my friends and I figured why not enjoy God’s beautiful creation and go on a nature walk through Capen Park.

At 31.9 acres, Capen Park is one of the closest parks to the University of Missouri. It was originally owned by Lucy and James Cape and is located in the same state when it was first acquired by the city of Columbia in 1978. There is a creek called Hinkson Creek that flows through the rugged terrain and trails. I thought it was pretty cool that the bluffs on the rocks are used by recreational rock climbers.


According to the Missourian, “After the Capen Foundation made a one-time donation of $118,000 in 2005 for use at Capen Park, the city drafted plans that included a concrete overlook deck, a pavilion with picnic tables and a concrete trail that would comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.”


My friends and I walked to the very top of the mountain and meditated for about an hour.  The view was beautiful from the top. The entire experience was so peaceful and truly a great way to relax from stress.


Until the next adventure w/ Fally P, see you soon pals!