Adventure #5: Benjie gets his First Puppy Cut!

Hey Pals. . . I hope y’all had a productive week. There was a lot happening in Columbia this past weekend. From the downtown takeover of the True / False film festival to day parties and rapper G Herbo’s concert at Club Impulse, there was truly something for everyone to do this weekend at the Zou.


A few weeks ago, I told you guys about Benjie’s first trip to the vet! Well, it was check-up time! So, Friday, I had a little free time after my last newsroom shift at Newsy, so I decided to take baby boy to St. Louis to get his final check-up and hopefully his very first haircut.I was a little nervous because he only wore his protective cone for 3 days. Although I tried to keep it on… everyday he would stubbornly take it off. 

Also, I wouldn’t know if he could get cut until after his checkup. Meaning, I couldn’t set an appointment and they previously informed me that they seldom accepted walk-ins. 

After his check-up, his vet said his stitches were healing properly (Thank God) and she approved him to get his first puppy cut! 

Thankfully, this sweet lady working in the groomers said she would take my walk in appointment and do Benjie’s cut. 

An hour and a half later I walk in to find the cutest pup ever!!! Jessica, the groomer, raved about how sweet Benjie was and how good he was during the entire process.


I was very proud that my baby boy knew how to behave and he looks so precious! 

Until Next Time Pals…See ya soon!