Adventure #7: Probate, Junior Day & More

Hey Pals. . .  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Per usual, this weekend was jam packed with events for Mizzou students and visitors to enjoy. From a SGRHO probate, to a Junior football recruiting day, to even a fireside chat with writer and comedian Issa Rae, there was truly something for everyone to do this weekend in Columbia.

Friday night, the Sigma Gamma Rho (SGRHO) sorority welcomed nine new members. This sorority aims to enhance the quality of life within the community.

Some of the hallmarks of the organization’s programs and activities include: public service, leadership development and education of youth. They do this by addressing concerns that impact society educationally, civically and economically.

Early Saturday morning, the Mizzou Athletic Training Facility was filled with fresh faces including high school juniors and their families eager to learn more about the football program and what Mizzou has to offer. 

As an Athletic Ambassador, I was able to speak with different families and tell them about campus-life, academics, and answer any of the questions or concerns they might have had regarding college life.


I love my job because it has positively impacted my life. Each week, we get to meet so many wonderful prospective athletes and their families and have been able to help them with making the challenging decision on which college to choose. As an Ambassador, I promote our amazing traditions and academic programs. I like to say I am a game-changer for Mizzou.

Saturday evening, multi-faceted comedian, Issa Rae, sat down with Mizzou students to discuss her budding career, latest projects and her navigation as a multi-dimensional woman of color in Hollywood.

I enjoyed her chat because she was so real with us. She truly made me feel like I was at home, talking to one of my best friends about our future. I was already a fan of hers before this chat, but she was truly so down to Earth and a pleasure to hear speak. Hopefully, we can work on some special projects together in the future. Well that was my adventures for this weekend. Next week… Spring Break!!!

Until Next Time Pals….  See ya soon!