Adventure #8: Spring Break – MIAMI

Howdy there guys… I hope all has been well on your end! I’ve been beyond eager to share some of my spring experiences with you. I recently traveled with four of my closest friends to Miami, Florida. That’s right… South Beach baby! After a long first half of the semester I couldn’t wait to soak up some sun.

My mother let my friends and I use her timeshare, so we stayed at a five-star resort off of south beach called Westgate South Beach Oceanfront Resort. It was filled with spectacular views and beautiful people consumed us each and every day. I loved it.

After getting settled in and dolled up we hit the streets to see what our first adventures would be. Day one we acted as tourists do, walking around with no real direction but enjoying the characters we encountered. The Florida natives embraced our different backgrounds and were intrigued when they found out we went to school in Missouri.


Being from Houston and living in Missouri is a challenge for me. Not only do I miss the warm weather, but the food… Oh my gosh, THE FOOD. Fresh seafood doesn’t exist in Columbia, Missouri unfortunately. You know the FIRST thing I had to grab was some of that magnificent beachfront sea. We Google searched, “seafood near me,” and Kickin Crawfish Seafood Tap house came up. We delved into our meals and for that hour I almost felt at home.

Each day the sun began setting and night tip toed through the seams… quicker each day than the last. Each night the atmosphere was different and the city lit up and our hearts stayed full. Each one of my friends and I had worked diligently to pay for this trip all on our own, so the ending product was more than rewarding. The transition into adulthood is hard but fulfilling trips like this made the hard work feel worth it.

Well that was my adventures for this weekend… still on spring break so see y’all later!

I wonder what next week will have in store??

Until Next Time Pals….  See ya soon!