Adventure #9: Watching two dogs in one weekend!

Hey Pals…hope you guys had a great week. As usual, this was a busy week for me. With the school year coming to an end, I’ve had endless tests, papers, and projects to work on. I’ve been spending extra hours on campus to stay focused and finish strong. While I love school, I cannot wait for the summer break to rejuvenate.

I also had an additional furry friend staying with me for a few days this. My friend had to go out of town this week and left her two-year-old dog, named Faith, with me to watch over.


Faith is a rescue dog from the Central Missouri Humane Society. My friend Sam got her when she was just a month old and she was the cutest little dog with big ole eyes. She’s an interesting looking dog now, she truly has a face only a mother could. We do not really know what kind she is but we love her anyway.


Despite her being a couple years old, she is just as spunky and energetic as Benjie. By the way, Faith and Benjie get a long great. They spent the entire weekend playing. They especially love chasing each other around the house. Faith loves to go on long walks when it’s nice out and Benjie follows right after her.  She also loves sitting passenger seat on long drives and staring out the window (luckily Benjie doesn’t mind sharing his spot).

It seems like neither of them ever get tired. The best part of the day is when they are finally worn out and ready for bed. They curl up right next to each other and sleep peacefully. Faith can be a handful; she truly has a personality all of her own. But I love my little niece anyways.

I wonder what next week will have in store??

Until Next Time Pals….  See ya soon!